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February 2009

World Peace through the raising of our children

World Peace

Imagine a world where people tolerate differences of opinion, a world without terror, a world without conflict, a world without violence, a world where people respect each other and a world full of Peace. Is it possible? I believe so. Will we see it in our time? Who knows, but we can already begin the [...]

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Child Discipline and Smacking

child discipline & smacking

Do the two go hand in hand? No. Smacking is not discipline, it is punishment.
Punishment means you cause pain or discomfort to change the child’s behavior. And it works, in the short term and as long as you hurt them enough so they don’t do it again and as long as they’re scared of you. Read [...]

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20 Ways to achieve Positive Discipline

Positive Discpline

Positive disciplining means that your child will learn right from wrong because of the values you instill in her and not because she is scared of punishment. Positive discipline is a co-operative process and you work together with the child to guide her and help her. Most of all, positive discipline is done from a [...]

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Please don’t touch!

Please don't touch

Everyone knows that the minute your baby begins to crawl you have to not only safe proof your home but move everything! But does it have to be that way? And is it actually a good thing to do? Accepted, if there are dangerous things in your home then indeed you need to protect your child. [...]

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Waterbirth – the easy way out!

water birth

While  my husband cools my head with cloths drenched in ice water, I hold on to the railings of the birth pool and let the water take my weight. The pain in my back starts to ease off now that  I am in the bath and my muscles begin to relax. For a split second [...]

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7 ways to increase your breast milk supply

increase breast milk supply

It is a worry for breastfeeding mothers not to have enough breast milk to feed their baby. A worry you don’t need in already demanding times.  A decrease in milk supply can be caused by many factors ; your baby having a growth spurt, mastitis  (breast infection), high levels of stress, pregnancy or returning to work [...]

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Easy Recipes – Apple Brownie Cake with Banana & Lemon Icing

Apple Brownie Cake

This is a cake I baked for Deva’s birthday.
The idea was to bake a cake without loads of sugar. I achieved this with the cake itself. However I then wanted to decorate the cake and hence the addition of the icing. The cake can be made and eaten without the icing.  

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How you influence your newborn baby without even knowing it

influence newborn baby

Do you think that your baby only takes in what she sees and hears? Your newborn baby is like a sponge and is soaking up everything that is in range. Within the first two months your baby is not only able to recognize you but give you smiles too. She knows your smell and your [...]

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