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raising angels

Here at Raising Angels we provide you with articles and information about positive parenting. Our emphasis is on doing this in a respectful, encouraging and fun way. Babies and children do what comes naturally to them – it is only our job to love them, communicate with them (gently), guide them and create an environment where they can grow, physically and spiritually. Within this environment they will build their values and learn to make choices.

With Raising Angels we’ve attempted to create a site that is a cross between a parenting website and a parenting blog. You’ll find not only informative information and articles but daily musings from our family life too.

This website is written and compiled by Pew Singh and Martine Baanvinger through the teachings of our two little angels, Deva and Isa.

We live in New Zealand but come originally from different backgrounds. Pew, born in England to Indian parents and Martine, Dutch European. We met in New Zealand and were married here and we chose to make New Zealand our permanent home because of the amazing beauty, friendly people and because New Zealand is a great place to bring up a child.

We are passionate about raising our children and also about health and nutrition. We own a wholefood café and juice bar, which is an extension of our personal lives/philosophies. We extend this into the raising of our children too and you’ll see numerous articles about nutrition on this website. Plus, lots of recipes.

We also attempt to bring a holistic slant towards our parenting, as again, this is our own personal philosophy. You’ll see many articles focused on this aspect of parenting here.

You will also see a heading in the sidebar entitled ‘World Peace’. Under this you will find a series of articles dedicated to our belief that we can create peace in the world through the raising of our children. If we teach our children from the beginning about non-violence (physical & verbal), respect, peace and tolerance then they will bring that into the world as they grow. Of course it starts with us and we have to show these exact values to our children whilst we raise them.  

We hope that you enjoy our website and would appreciate any feedback you may wish to give, in order that we can continue to improve it.

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
Elizabeth Stone