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Using Acupressure To Induce Labor

Acupressure to induce labor? Most people think of powerful and toxic drugs when it comes to being induced. Hence, no one ever wants to induce labor. But the best and most pleasant way is to use acupressure to induce labor.

Not only that, acupressure can help in many other ways too, not just for induction. It [...]

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How To Get Pregnant – 5 Top Tips

How To Get Pregnant, Naturally

How to get pregnant? It’s a question many women are unfortunately having to ask themselves these days.
You only need to do a search on the internet for “how to get pregnant” to see how big the problem is. There are nearly 18 million results for this search term alone in Google!
There is a very good chance that [...]

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Natural Childbirth – The Pink Kit way

Natural Childbirth - The Pink Kit Way

My heart leaps with joy when we stop in front of the little bakery. I’m ready for my second natural childbirth and I drag my 38 week pregnant body out of the car and ask my husband, mum, dad and 2 year old daughter if they would like a cream donut and a hot chocolate.
They [...]

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Waterbirth – the easy way out!

water birth

While  my husband cools my head with cloths drenched in ice water, I hold on to the railings of the birth pool and let the water take my weight. The pain in my back starts to ease off now that  I am in the bath and my muscles begin to relax. For a split second [...]

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Expectant Fathers – 9 months of Pregnancy explained

new father, pregnancy

So, your wife/partner has broken the wonderful news and you are expecting a baby. Do you have any idea what is going to happen in the next nine months? It is a time of big changes and challenges, especially for the mother to be. You have just started this journey together and you need to [...]

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