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Raising A Vegetarian Child

Raising A Vegetarian Child

Should you raise your child as a vegetarian? There is no reason why you shouldn’t, in fact there are many reasons why you actually should.  
Most peoples concerns about being vegetarian relate to getting the right nutrients without meat. That is because we are told meat gives us so many good things. But is this [...]

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Your Child’s Immune System

Your Child's Immune System

Ensuring your child has a strong immune system is vital for his health and wellbeing. Making sure that he gets the right food intake and good exercise will benefit him in many ways. Not only will he be healthier and have more energy but he will also have the ability to fight any illnesses that [...]

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Microwave Ovens – Food for Thought

microwave ovens - food for thought

Microwave ovens are a standard kitchen appliance in most homes these days. In fact the use of them has increased substantially in the last thirty years, not only in homes but commercially too, in restaurants and cafés.  
The microwave oven is marketed as safe, fast and energy efficient. But is it so safe and what does [...]

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Sugar and Kids

Sugar & Kids

White refined sugar – you’ll find it in sweets, cereals, tinned foods, drinks and in many more things and it is causing untold damage to your child. The power of sugar to harm should not be underestimated. Do you know how many of the foods you feed your child are laced with sugar? Do you [...]

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Cough & Cold Medicine Warnings

Cough & Cold Medicines

It was reported in the UK yesterday that most over the counter cold and cough medicines do not actually work in children under the age of 12. Not only that, they have also been linked to adverse side effects and even death in some cases. The British authorities have now launched an investigation into 69 [...]

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Easy Recipes – Apple Brownie Cake with Banana & Lemon Icing

Apple Brownie Cake

This is a cake I baked for Deva’s birthday.
The idea was to bake a cake without loads of sugar. I achieved this with the cake itself. However I then wanted to decorate the cake and hence the addition of the icing. The cake can be made and eaten without the icing.  

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Easy Recipes – Dutch Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake

Here’s a recipe for a Dutch Fruit Cake, it’s simple and yummy.
Your kids will love it, it’s perfect for morning or afternoon tea and also an ideal snack or for their lunch box.

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Easy Recipes – Date & Coconut Fingers

Date & Coconut Fingers

Here’s a great little snack which is a perfect replacement for those white sugar filled sweets. Easy to make and yummy!

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