Cough & Cold Medicine Warnings

by pew

Cough & Cold Medicines

It was reported in the UK yesterday that most over the counter cold and cough medicines do not actually work in children under the age of 12. Not only that, they have also been linked to adverse side effects and even death in some cases. The British authorities have now launched an investigation into 69 different medicines after their findings.

Popular cough and cold medicines which have been used for years to treat children probably do not work, Government health experts have admitted.

The most concerning factor is that the British warnings cover a wide range of ingredients already used by the drug companies for years.

Professor and Pediatrician Innes Asher, from New Zealand,  said research showed the medicines were “no better than just having a bit of sugary water”.

I’m sure there will be a defense offensive initiated by the drug companies now that these findings have been released and I’m also sure certain statistics and figures will be contended and ‘manipulated’. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that there are questions being raised about the safety of these medicines and about how much we can actually trust the drug companies.

The Bigger Question

This whole issue raises a larger question though – do we rely too easily on medicines?

We live in a culture these days where at the slightest sniff (pun intended) of illness, we head straight to the doctor or to a ‘pop a pill’ solution. In our busy lives we do not have time to be sick, or for our children to be sick. Drug companies know this and have played on this for years in their marketing of such products.

But we SHOULD take the time to be sick and allow our bodies to fight the illness by themselves. We will never allow our own immune system to build effectively if we continually fight illnesses with medicines.

There is of course much more to it than just that. A healthy diet and appropriate lifestyle will contribute considerably towards a healthy body.

If you allow your body to fight bacteria and illness itself it will become more efficient at it, over time. I personally have not been to a doctor for over 20 years. I get the odd cold and have had the flu twice in that time but never took any medicine for it.

As far as children go I think the same principal applies. They are new beings and are growing and developing. Part of that development is to build an immune system that is strong and efficient. Giving them medicines at every turn will not allow that to happen. Children can easily recover from a cough or cold by themselves anyway. They just need lots of rest and fluids.

Change of Mentality

I think the real issue is about how we personally view illness and that in turn effects how we treat our children’s illnesses.

If you are someone who runs to the pharmacy or doctor for a ‘fix’ then you probably do not believe in your own bodies ability to heal itself. Or you believe maybe it can but you don’t have the time to wait for it to do that.

These attitudes need to change. If you actually experience your own bodies ability to heal, you are more likely to believe that your child’s can too.


What is needed is for people to take responsibility for what they put in their bodies. And I’m not only referring to medicines here, I’m talking about food too. We put such a strain on our bodies by consuming toxic foods and then when we are sick we put more toxins in to fix them, sounds crazy to me. Plus, that gives your bodies immune system no chance at all to function.

If we were to consider our food intake in the first place , then maybe there would be less illnesses. This subject requires a whole article itself, maybe even more.  But it is obvious to me that what we consume these days is basically what is making us sick. A change of diet would cure a lot of illnesses.

Finally there is the question about the drug companies themselves. Can we trust them? Do they really care about our health or are they just interested in making money?Findings such as these about cold and cough medicines raise these questions, and rightly so.  

What else have they put out there which is dangerous or ineffective, yet to be discovered? What about vaccinations, do they actually work or are they doing more harm than good?

At the end of the day, no one cares more about the health of your child than YOU. It is your responsibility to ensure you have done the best you can to help him/her heal. That will include diet, rest, comforting and time. If you can say you have done all these but still need medicine then fair enough. But don’t use it as the first option. Build a healthy family unit first, rely on yourself not medicine.

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