How you influence your newborn baby without even knowing it

by pew

influence newborn baby

Do you think that your baby only takes in what she sees and hears? Your newborn baby is like a sponge and is soaking up everything that is in range. Within the first two months your baby is not only able to recognize you but give you smiles too. She knows your smell and your voice, already from early on. She even knows the smell of your home and thus her own, safe environment . She can see shapes and colors by now too. But it’s not just her brain and senses that are working so hard, she is also picking up on much more, energies.

Picture yourself in these two circumstances a) when you are angry and b) when you are happy. You feel two very distinct emotions at these times and in both cases you emit different types of energy to the environment and people around you. Other people who come into contact with you will pick up on this energy, at a certain level. Not everyone will register it but all will be influenced by it. I’m sure you yourself have had occasion to know when someone is in a bad mood or unhappy. Not just by their body language but by what they emit in the form of energy, you feel their bad vibes. Take note next time you are in these moods and see how people around you react to you.

Keeping this in mind you should also be very careful what situations and environments you expose your child to. Babies are very sensitive and they are learning from day one, including ‘feeling’ what is happening around them. They especially focus on what is happening with you, their parents.

It is of course easy to be loving and smiley in front of your newborn. But the secret is to be aware of how you feel day to day generally, especially in your interaction with your partner and those around you. In fact this is something that we should all do on a daily basis anyway. Be especially aware if you are in a conflict situation and how you react. The baby maybe in another room but the two of you having an argument still impacts on her.

The birth of a baby can be a very unsettling time. The stresses of modern life are sometimes huge and it is easy for them to overcome you. Many factors combine to make this time especially hard, lack of sleep being one major factor.

Also, your focus is so intensely directed on this new life that it is easy to forget your partner. This is understandable but it is vital for yourselves and the child, that you do not. The child needs to see you care for each other. You are a team and you are both working extremely hard and deserve praise and support from each other.

Giving each other this will automatically improve your energy. Being defensive and critical makes your energy negative. Of course there may be other factors outside of the home that are causing stress. But when you come home really ‘look’ at the wonder you have created and try to connect to this little spirit.

Look with your heart and not with your eyes, do the same with the one you love and your energy will reach different heights. When you are feeling down, tired or negative place your hand on your heart so that you remind yourself where to focus.

Become a child again and be playful. Take a walk in the woods and let nature re-energize you. Laugh a lot, watch comedies and funny films. Make a list of things you are grateful for and stick it up somewhere so you’ll see it everyday. Treat yourself. Play relaxing music in the house. Use candles instead of bright lights. Find what makes you buzz higher and use that when you need it.

If you can achieve this your home will be a warm, encouraging and loving palace. There will be positive energy flowing all around your home.

Television is one medium that can bring negative energies into your home. Some people have it on constantly as background noise. But unfortunately most of what comes out is negative, especially shows with violence and murder. Limit the time the television is on and monitor what you watch. Your baby will pick up on the energies that are emitted, you will also be reacting to what you see and it changes your energy too.

Please realize that your baby IS being affected by the television. When they are older you will see the real effects in action, but when they are babies you don’t notice. With our first child we really noticed, once she was a bit older, the negative impact it had on her when the television was on. Even if she wasn’t actually watching but was playing at the other end of the room, she would become unsettled and edgy. Of course it depends on what is on but you’ll know what is right and what is wrong, you don’t have to be watching it to be affected by it.

In general, try to focus on the wider picture, not just yourselves but with what is happening in your immediate vicinity. With this is mind and with practice you will begin to spot the situations that can cause a negative energy to enter your space.

It is readily accepted that as a parent it is your job to feed and protect your child. But it is also your responsibility to ensure that your baby is exposed to a loving and positive energy and protected from harmful, negative ones.

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Julie February 6, 2009 at 3:59 am

Thank you for this clarification! I often felt my parents tensed when I was a child, and even though they did their best with the tools they had at that time (which was protecting the child in their way by not expressing verbally or violently their emotions), I remember thinking very early that they couldn’t fool me!! I just knew when they were stressed and angry. Looking back as an adult I know they didn’t find a way to release these tensions, and as many others, just swallowed them, maybe believing they would vanish and/or that frustrations were a natural part of life. These blocks of energies are just carried around, heavying their vibrations and very present for the children.
I am today very grateful for they gave me that opportunity to learn from them, but I will do my best to do differently with my little one(s)!

May I add a few quotes by Barbara Ann Brennan in her bestseller “Hands of Light”?
p.64, about the human growth and development of the aura
“The (energy) field of the child is entirely open and vulnerable to the atmosphere in which he lives. Whether things are “in the open” or not, the child senses what is going on between his parents. The child constantly reacts to his energetic environment in a manner constitent with his temperament. He may have vague fears, fantasies, tantrums or illness. The child’s chakras are all open in the sense that there is no protective film over them which screens out the incoming psychic influences. This make the child very vulnerable and impressionable. (…) At around the age of 7, a protective screen is formed over the chakra openings.”

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