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Messages from Water - Love & Thanks

Three quarters of your body is made up of water and 70% of the earth is also water. That’s a lot of water and it plays a huge part in your life. But you probably do not realize how big a part, until you see the work of Dr Masaru Emoto.

Through his work he has proven that water responds to words, thoughts, feelings, music and emotions. Viewed in this way, everything we say, feel and think impacts not only on ourselves but those around us.

This is article one of two: In this first article I will explain Dr Emoto’s work itself and in the second article I wish to promote the “Emoto Peace Project” which aims to bring this knowledge to every child on earth.

Dr Masaru Emoto

Dr Masaru Emoto pioneered the concept of freezing water samples and then examining them under powerful microscopes, and photographing the resulting crystals. The pioneering part of his research was that he could show how water was ‘shaped’ by words, music and thought, just by the shape of the crystals formed.

He has gained worldwide recognition for his work and has published numerous books on the subject. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages and he tours the planet giving seminars and promoting his peace project. His work was also highlighted in the film ‘What the bleep do we know!?.

Music and Water  

To show the affect of music on water he played different tunes to the samples and photographed the resulting crystals. The results were amazing and you could see the difference between playing classical music to the water and for instance, heavy metal.

Words and Water

This must be his greatest discovery about water. Dr Emoto would take two samples of identical water and place them in containers; he would then write a word on a label and attach it to the containers. For instance one would have the word ‘love’ and the other the word ‘war’. He would then photograph the crystals from each, the result was truly astounding. The ‘love’ crystal was beautiful and the ‘war’ crystal ugly and misshaped.

His books show all the different types of words he used and every time the result was the same. A positive word gave a beautiful crystal and the negative one an ugly one. Even in different languages! And even names, such as Hitler, provoked a very distorted and ugly crystal.

Thoughts and Water

He has even shown that prayer works. He took samples from a polluted lake in Japan before and after a prayer was offered to it. You will not believe the results!

These are just a few examples of his life changing discoveries; you will need to look into his books to see them all.

Here’s a video showing real examples of the above.

What can we learn from Water?

So how does the water know? Is it intelligent, does it have a memory or does it pick up the energy from the person observing it? Whichever one it is, doesn’t really matter. The outcome is the same; we can influence the water to such a degree that it changes the crystal structure of the water. Just by the words we use, the emotions we project and the thoughts we have.

Can that explain certain illnesses in the world today? It makes sense that if we feel negative, depressed or angry that that will affect the water inside of us. Which can surely lead to sickness? Not only that, if we use ‘negative’ language and emotion towards another, that affects the other person too.

Our children and their future

This last point is particularly important when you think about how you raise your child. With the knowledge that you affect the water inside you but also the water inside your child, you become suddenly aware of everything you ‘emit’ into the world and towards your child. This alone can change the world we live in. And if you teach your child these same principles then your child can take that knowledge out into the world that he/she creates.

This is the principal behind the ‘Emoto Peace Project’, in which Dr Emoto wishes to give access to his special children’s book on Water, to every child on the planet, for free. For details read;

Emoto Peace Project

In the meanwhile here is a personal message from Dr Emoto himself.

Further Reading

Below are some important links for further information about the wonders of water.

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