Natural Childbirth – The Pink Kit way

by martine

Natural Childbirth - The Pink Kit Way

My heart leaps with joy when we stop in front of the little bakery. I’m ready for my second natural childbirth and I drag my 38 week pregnant body out of the car and ask my husband, mum, dad and 2 year old daughter if they would like a cream donut and a hot chocolate.

They look at me in disgust. It is 8 o’clock in the morning but I just have to give in to these weird cravings. I order an extra cream donut for my midwife. You never know how long this labor will be, she might need a snack to pick her up at some stage!

With contractions about 5 minutes apart, I feel calm, in control and hungry. I know exactly how to breathe through my contractions. I rock my pelvis in circles to let the pain pass quickly.

I feel I am dilating faster now. 10 minutes later we arrive at the maternity centre and my midwife speaks the magic words “already 8 centimeters dilation!”

Everything I have learnt through The Pink Kit about natural childbirth I put into practice now and see the amazing results. It turns this labor into a powerful and ecstatic experience. Pregnant ladies, hear me: The Pink Kit rocks!

To make sure that you are prepared as much as you can for the natural childbirth of your baby you need to eat healthy, be fit and well rested. But for the ultimate preparation for natural childbirth you read, watch and listen to The Pink Kit.

This kit teaches you exactly how to get to know your body so that you can take charge in labor to ensure a smooth and successful childbirth, without the need for intervention and drugs.

Imagine giving birth in control, no drugs or gas and experiencing birth as a positive, enriching experience.  This is exactly what the Pink Kit did for me.

I can safely say that without the Natural Childbirth Pink Kit my birthing experiences would never have been so positive.

The Pink Kit teaches you techniques I could not find anywhere else. To this day I recommend the Pink Kit to everyone I know and can not speak highly enough of it.

Every one, every midwife and every maternity unit in the world should have access to this. If more people used the Pink Kit there would be far fewer Caesareans in the world.

The Pink Kit contains a book, a DVD and a CD. The information described in every chapter in the book is then also clearly demonstrated on the DVD. It is the ultimate natural childbirth resource. 

The kit explains exactly what happens to the bony structure, the soft tissues and the muscles in the pelvis area whilst you are in labor. You even learn how to map your own pelvis so you are able to ‘open’ the area for your baby to come through as easily as possible.

How you birth will depend on the shape of your pelvis. The kit shows you exactly how to work out the shape of your pelvis, no one else teaches this! Based on your pelvis’ shape you will know which birth position will work for you.  

It then teaches you how to be in control of pain and tension through your breath and by moving into positions that are right for your body type.

This detailed and concise information gave me and my husband clear direction about what to do during my first labor. I knew which positions were good for me to relieve the pain and to allow my baby as much space as possible to come down into my pelvis, ready to be pushed out.

This really sped up my labor and by the time we arrived at the maternity centre I was 8 cm dilated. Our first baby girl was born after an hour and a half. I considered my first birth a successful and smooth natural birth, although very overwhelming.

My second labor was very different. Because I knew what to expect I prepared myself much more. I practiced The Pink Kit again, but now even more thoroughly. I now also practiced the exercises on the CD. The CD contains information on how to massage the perineum (the area between the anus and the vulva) and internal areas. This will prevent tearing of the skin tissue so you don’t have to experience extra pain and discomfort during and after labor.

Listening to the CD gave me even more insight on birthing my baby and I prepared the perineum area much more than with my first labor.

When labor came second time around, I was in complete control from start to finish. I knew how to breathe and move through the pain and even experienced a kind of ecstasy throughout labor by being so in control. Even the strong contractions towards the end I could handle well.

After 4 pushes my second baby girl was born. I felt so strong and powerful throughout this labor and was very proud afterwards that I was able to give my daughter such a controlled and calm welcome to the world.   

I am very grateful to my midwife for recommending The Pink Kit to me.  I cannot thank her enough for it! So, for anyone who would like to learn about how to be more in control during a natural childbirth, get The Pink Kit and take your time to get through the whole kit. I would say start the kit around 30 weeks into your pregnancy.

The Pink kit is also fantastic for midwives and birth partners. I recommend that the birth partner practice the book and DVD together with the pregnant woman. With The Pink Kit you will now be able to recognize what is happening inside you whilst you are in labor, which stage of labor you are in and act on it so you can make your birth an amazing, powerful experience. The Pink Kit makes Natural Childbirth a reality.

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