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Easy Recipes – Apple Brownie Cake with Banana & Lemon Icing

Apple Brownie Cake

This is a cake I baked for Deva’s birthday.
The idea was to bake a cake without loads of sugar. I achieved this with the cake itself. However I then wanted to decorate the cake and hence the addition of the icing. The cake can be made and eaten without the icing.  

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Easy Recipes – Dutch Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake

Here’s a recipe for a Dutch Fruit Cake, it’s simple and yummy.
Your kids will love it, it’s perfect for morning or afternoon tea and also an ideal snack or for their lunch box.

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Easy Recipes – Date & Coconut Fingers

Date & Coconut Fingers

Here’s a great little snack which is a perfect replacement for those white sugar filled sweets. Easy to make and yummy!

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