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Fathers – How you can help during birth

Giving Birth

Whether it’s your first or fifth (birth), being in that delivery room with your wife and watching her give birth, never gets easier. It’s said that nature ensures that mothers forget the birth process so that they’ll want to go through it again. I think it’s true for fathers too! However, there is a lot [...]

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How you influence your newborn baby without even knowing it

influence newborn baby

Do you think that your baby only takes in what she sees and hears? Your newborn baby is like a sponge and is soaking up everything that is in range. Within the first two months your baby is not only able to recognize you but give you smiles too. She knows your smell and your [...]

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Expectant Dad – be prepared, your health & fitness

new dad, health/fitness

As an expectant father you will be focusing all your attention on the upcoming birth of your child and the changes occurring within your wife/partner. But there is one thing that is actually more important, that is the state of YOUR health and fitness.
How you will maintain this not only in the run up to [...]

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