Toy Library

by martine

Toy Library

Toys everywhere, in cupboards, on the floor and on shelves. While my 2 year old tries her luck in the next room, where all the big outdoor toys are, I find this fantastic wooden train track on the top shelf. This is a kid’s seventh heaven, where would we be without our toy library!

The toy library is a fantastic initiative in our local community. Children always get bored with toys after a while, so what better way to provide them with new toys, new stimulation and new learning – the Toy Library.

Buying new toys all the time is crazy. Not only do they clutter your house, they create so much waste in the world, adding more pressure to our already overloaded environment. Besides that they also empty your bank account, because toys are really expensive.

So why not recycle and share toys through a toy library.  They stock toys for babies, toddlers and older children. A yearly membership is not expensive at all and in our local library you can choose to volunteer a few mornings a year for a half price membership.

It’s just like a book library, you get to take out a preset number of toys for two weeks. You then return them and can take out some more. And just like a book library there are fines for late returns!

There is a wide range of toys available in the toy library. From Puzzles, DVD’s, electric toys, instruments and games to outdoor slides, bikes & cars and even bouncy castles!

So check out your nearest toy library in your town and spend less money while having access to many, many more toys. Keep happy kids and happy parents!

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