Travel With Kids – Tips & Ideas

by pew

Travel With Kids

Traveling with kids can be quite challenging. But it needn’t be stressful and with the right planning and preparation it can be fun too. Air travel, in particular with kids requires a good plan of action and the ability to think on your feet.

Having just done a 27 hour flight to Europe with an unscheduled 7 hour bus ride on top for good measure, I think I am in a good position to shed some light on kids travel. We traveled with our two young ones; Isa (5 months) and Deva (2 years).

In fact it only took two things to make our trip successful; a kids suitcase and a magnetic sketch board.

Kids Suitcases

Before the trip I purchased a kids rolling suitcase for Deva called Trunki. It’s luggage for little people and has a superb design and great colors too. It is very strong so that your child can sit and ride on it. But it’s not big and goes on the plane as hand luggage.Deva had hours of fun packing this in preparation for the trip. And during the trip it was a life saver, as whenever she was tired she would just sit on it and I could pull her along.
She was very proud to have her own suitcase and her own things, and I’m sure your child will love this too. Check out the short video below.

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Other Things To Do Before Your Trip

Other things we did before the trip was to talk lots about where we were going. We were lucky enough that in the months proceeding our trip we had lots of visitors, which meant trips to the airport. In this way Deva got accustomed to the idea of flying.

Not forgetting Isa, but a 5 month old is pretty easy. We did the same trip with Deva when she was 6 months old and she slept most of the time. Isa did the same on this trip.

We also tried to give Deva a tangible idea of where she was going. We regularly Skype with Grandma and Grandpa and we explained to her that that was where we were going. She understood this quite clearly. On the phone in the weeks before the trip she would say to grandma ‘Deva coming’.

Then the most important planning aspect, what games to take for the trip?

Travel Games For Kids

We got Deva to pack some of her favorite toys in Trunki but we also bought a few new ones that we knew she would like. We kept these aside in our bags without her knowing, for when they might be needed. It’s a good idea not to pack things that are small and can easily fall and be lost under a seat. This concerned me as Deva loves to draw with her coloring pencils. Fortunately I found the perfect solution to this in the shop; a magnetic sketcher board.

Magnetic Sketcher

sketcherA what? I hear you ask, well here’s a photo of one. It can also be called a Doodle pro. It reminds me of an Etcher Sketcher when I was young but they only had round knobs to draw with, these have a pencil. Anyway, we gave this to Deva at the first sign that she may be getting bored on the plane. And she loved it. And the real beauty is that nothing can fall and be lost, the pencil is attached by a thread and you don’t need any paper.

Other Toys

We also bought a ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’, as Deva likes toy trains. But this was still in my bag when we arrived in Europe.

The second most popular toy was the phone. She has this toy telephone that makes sounds and has flashing lights. She’s very good at imitating Mum and Dad on the phone! She used this throughout the trip to inform Grandma and Grandpa where we were.  It was very cute to see her pretend to call them and tell them we were late!

On The Plane

On the airplane I ensured that Deva had everything around her that she needed. I also allowed her to pack her own things into the little pockets around her seat. However, the most popular thing was the remote control for the television screen. She loved this, once I had eventually managed to show her how not to press the button for the stewardesses it was all good, and was able to leave her to play with it.

The other thing to remember was to ensure she constantly drank enough water and that we took regular walks around the plane.

Tips For The Parents Themselves

Undertaking such a long journey requires a lot of preparation for you too. I tried to get lots of sleep before traveling, but that didn’t really happen. I knew there was the possibility that I may not sleep much on this journey and just having that expectation made it somewhat easier during the trip.

But, I did sleep whenever the kids slept. Martine decided the choice of films was too good to waste on sleep. Something I think she probably regretted later!

I also made sure that we were prepared and there was no rushing or confusion. The most important thing I think was that it was an adventure for us too and we were both very relaxed. And I think as a result, both our children felt relaxed.

Travel With Kids

From my experience I can safely say that traveling with kids can be a pleasure. Knowing what your child likes and dislikes is all you need to know actually. Knowing how they react when they are tired or uncertain and seeing the signs early is the secret. Be aware that this is something they’ve never done before and although exciting, can be scary too. And most of all, always talk to them and explain what is happening. For instance; why trunki has to go in the x-ray machine!

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