Waterbirth – the easy way out!

by martine

water birth

While  my husband cools my head with cloths drenched in ice water, I hold on to the railings of the birth pool and let the water take my weight. The pain in my back starts to ease off now that  I am in the bath and my muscles begin to relax. For a split second I picture myself in a day spa until the next contraction announces itself.

I always wanted a waterbirth, I love being in the water and the thought of giving birth in the water always appealed to me.

Water is a natural form of pain relief. The water takes the pressure off your bones and tissues so that you can relax your muscles, which helps ease the pain.

It is easy to move around in the water whilst in labor too. You are able to rock your pelvis or turn on your back or front. Just move slowly through the water, it is almost effortless. In this way you can preserve your energy for the moments you need it the most, like when having to deal with contractions. The more you can relax your muscles the easier it is for your baby to move through the birth canal. 

The process of moving from the womb into the world is less stressful  for the baby with a waterbirth. He spends 9 months in water(amniotic fluid) and when born slides into the water of the birthing pool. Then the baby “swims” up to the surface and will rest on his mums chest, his head out of the water for the first time. It is there where the baby takes his first breath.

Make sure the room is warm, the lights are low and there is a relaxing ambience with soft music, candles and aroma therapy.  A calm as possible start to life in this noisy and bright world gives the baby less distress. Research shows that babies who are born in the water are calmer and sleep better than babies not born in water. And that will also create happier parents!

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